Jackpot Slot Machine Located in Alkemor’s Tower

With the Alkemor’s Tower progressive jackpot slot machine, you can enter the mystical world of the wizards and experience their universe for yourself. This 5-reel magic-themed online casino game is powered by Betsoft, and it offers cinema-quality 3D graphics, fantastic sound effects, and a vast range of extra features. The extremely lucrative 243 Ways To Win slot configuration can be found in Betsoft’s Alkemor’s Tower, which is one of the most popular online casino games offered by Betsoft. Additionally, this game offers a progressive jackpot that will make any casino slot fan grin from ear to ear.

The progressive jackpot slot machine known as Alkemor’s Tower provides players with a comprehensive selection of betting options. You have the option of betting anywhere from 0.02 coins to 1 coin, with the minimum being 0.02. This is one of the few casino games that is suitable for both experienced gamblers and those who are just starting out. At the beginning of each spin, you have the option of setting the number of bets per line anywhere from one to five, which can result in some very impressive payouts.


The progressive jackpot slot game known as Alkemor’s Tower has a total of eight symbols, each of which pays out when there are three of them on a win line. This brings the total number of conventional casino slot combinations up to 24, each of which offers a different reward. When playing with the maximum bet of five coins, the following have the biggest payouts:


1750 Coins are required to purchase 5 Wizard Symbols.

One thousand Coins in exchange for five Crystal Symbols

750 Coins are required to purchase 5 Gold Coin Symbols.

Element Spells Bonus

The element spell feature is the most important extra feature in the Alkemor’s Tower slot machine, which has a progressive jackpot. In contrast to a good number of other online casino games, Alkemor’s Tower incorporates Wilds and other bonus symbols directly into the gameplay of its primary bonus feature. In this particular online casino slot game, the element spells are activated when the spell book symbol appears on reels 1 and 2 in conjunction with one of the four element symbols appearing on reel 3.


The spells pertaining to Alkemor’s Tower’s four elements each come with a plethora of supplementary benefits. Players at this online casino game can anticipate increased reward structures, additional Wild symbols, and casino bet multipliers, all of which have the potential to lead to some very impressive financial returns. Alkemor’s Tower is one of the most generous online casino games offered by Betsoft, as it provides players with not one but two distinct free spins bonus rounds. If you are interested in free spins, you should play this game.


The Floor of Nature and the Celestial Bonus

The Natures floor bonus is the first of the two free spins bonus rounds that may be won in the Alkemor’s Tower video slot. This extra feature in this internet casino game is activated when the player lands two spell books on the reels at the same time as a book that has been covered by a vine. After the feature has been started, players will be awarded up to 15 free spins along with an additional vine symbol that has the potential to spread over the reels, transforming other symbols into Wilds along the way.


The Celestial Bonus is the name of the second free spins bonus that can be won while playing this online casino game. This is activated in the same way as the last one, but this time it requires a Celestial magic book in addition to the two spell book symbols. During this round of free spins, players are rewarded with 15 free spins and a black hole symbol. This symbol has the ability to consume other symbols and turn them into wild symbols, which increases the player’s chances of winning.


The experience of ascending Alkemor’s Tower is thrilling, entrancing, and might very well be very lucrative. Players with a spirit of adventure and an eye on the progressive jackpot will find this to be the ideal game for them to play.

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