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FremantleMedia Enterprises is a subsidiary of FremantleMedia, which is a part of RTL Group, which is itself a subsidiary of Bertelsmann, a German media conglomerate. The Enterprises department is in charge of the licensing and distribution of FremantleMedia productions, which include a significant number of the most well-known and extensively distributed game and talent programs all over the globe.

The trademarks of the parent business, FremantleMedia, have been licensed for use in the creation of games and other forms of derivative content by FremantleMedia Enterprises. The games include those similar to those seen in arcades, as well as computer games and slot machine games. FremantleMedia Enterprises has concluded slot machine development agreements with a number of the industry’s most prominent gaming businesses for distribution in the marketplaces of the United States, Europe, and other regions around the globe.

Different video game developers might be hired on a contract basis to create products revolving around certain trademarks for individual markets.
Therefore, one business may design a slot machine for land-based casinos based on a successful television program produced by FremantleMedia, while another company may develop a comparable slot machine game for the internet market. Both of these slot machines may be based on the same television show.

In order to have their games published by FremantleMedia, game creators are required to adhere to a predetermined format or style. For instance, the base game in many Fremantle online slot games consists of the player just spinning generic reels while they wait for extra games. The bonus games, however, integrate aspects of the particular shows that inspired the games.

FremantleMedia Games’ Role in the Video Game Industry

Bertelsmann was established in 1835 as a publishing firm; but, in the decades after World War II, the company started to expand its reach by purchasing more businesses and expanding its presence in both the print and broadcast media. UFA was first established in 1917 as Universum Film(AG), and Bertelsmann purchased the company in 1964. UFA is well known to audiences throughout the world as the production firm that was responsible for the classic science fiction film “Metropolis,” which was released in 1926. However, by the 1950s it had already expanded into the field of television programming, becoming the production firm for The Price Is Right, which at the time was the record holder for the longest running television game show in history.
In order to participate in the private television market that was being developed in Germany at the time, Bertelsmann founded a subsidiary in 1984 called UFA Film-und Fernseh GmbH. In the course of the 1990s, a number of media firms went through a period of consolidation that ultimately resulted in the combination of UFA and CLT in 1997, which was followed by the merger of CLT-UFA International and Pearson television to establish the RTL Group. In 1997, Pearson had previously completed the purchase of an organization known as All American Fremantle, which allowed them to get assets like as The Price Is Right and Family Feud.
FremantleMedia was first established in 2001 as the content creation arm of RTL arm. Subsequently, FremantleMedia established a number of game shows and talent competitions.
In 2006, the divisions of licensing and distribution that were formerly a part of FremantleMedia were combined to establish a new company known as FremantleMedia Enterprises.
In 2010, FremantleMedia purchased Ludia, a firm that specialized in the creation of video games, and as a result, the company entered into direct rivalry with its gaming development partners. Despite this, the firm is actively pursuing new business partnerships with significant video game developers and publishers.

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