The Queen’s Banquet, an online slot game, is a PGSLOT camp celebration of the Queen’s party.

The concept of this game is a gorgeous Joseon Dynasty-era Korean woman born into a noble family. As children, she and her brother slipped out to play outside the castle and encountered various market merchants. She is captivated by the delectable nature of the market’s many dishes, which are accompanied by a scent that entices visitors to sample them. After being crowned queen, she ordered the cook to produce a dish from her youth, but no one could create the flavor she desired. If the gambler is successful, however, she will instantly reward a large sum of money. Join the party and try your hand at PG slot machines to win a $100,000 prize.

The mode of online slots play The Queen’s Feast

The Queen’s Banquet slot game is played similarly to other slot machines; to win money, simply push the button to spin the wheel and match three or more symbols. There are up to 32,400 opportunities to win if you enter the account continuously and the video game is a 65 grid.

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The frequent symbols of the slot machine game The Queen’s Banquet.

The majority of the eleven payoff symbols in The Queen’s Banquet are Korean dishes. If three or more identical symbols appear, you will earn a bonus according to the payout rate for that symbol, as described below:

Symbol of Chinese medicine stewed chicken soup There is a maximum payout rate for bonuses of 80 times.

The Bibimbap (Korean rice salad) bonus symbol has a maximum payout rate of 70 times.

The kimbap (Korean rice ball) symbol has a 60-times bonus payout rate.

The bonus payment rate for the Tteokbokki symbol (Fried rice cakes) is a maximum of 30 times.

Symbol for stir-fried mushrooms There is a 15-time maximum bonus payment rate.

The Kimchi Symbol (Korean pickles) has a bonus payout rate of 15 times the average.

Symbol for sesame oil bean sprouts There is a tenfold maximum bonus payout rate.

The bonus payout rate for the English letter A symbol is a maximum of 10 times.

The bonus payout rate for the English letter K symbol is a maximum of four times.

The maximum bonus payout rate for the letter Q symbol is fourfold.

The bonus payout rate for the English letter J symbol is a maximum of four times.

Symbols unique to the game. PG SLOT: The Queen’s Banquet

In addition to the ordinary symbols, The Queen’s Banquet PG SLOT slot game features two additional special symbols that significantly improve the game’s enjoyment and payoff. Symbols have the following characteristics:

Scatter symbol

One of the particular aids that will make it easier for players to get bonuses is the Scatter symbol, which resembles a seven-colored drum. When four of these symbols appear, the game enters the free spins mode, allowing the reels to spin. Free slots with 10 free wagers that rise proportionally to the amount of scatter symbols (1 per 2 free spins).

Wild symbol

The unique sign of the lovely queen has the ability to replace for all other symbols. It appears exclusively on reels 2 through 5, and it cannot replace for the Scatter symbol.

The particular feature of the Queen’s Banquet slot machine is Easy Jackpot X3.

Easy Crack is a bonus function within The Queen’s Banquet PG slot game that was designed to make it easy for players to earn money from slot games. Which you must fulfill all requirements or rules prior to activation. Each feature will appear differently as detailed below.


Interwoven shaft characteristics At the start of the slot machine’s spin, the appearance of the rows on reels 2-4 will be determined at random. The SOLDER REEL FEATURE does not apply to the last or bottom row.


The Free Spins feature is triggered when three or more scatter symbols appear. In addition to 10 free spins, the bonus is increased until the Feature is halted or the free spins are exhausted.


It is a characteristic that slots spinning expert gamblers find particularly appealing. Because you won’t have to waste time locating the Scatter symbol, you may spin the reels without betting by using the purchase spin button.


If you’re wanting to have some fun, we strongly advise you to play The Queen’s Banquet online slot. It also offers a payoff multiplier of up to 20,000! If you are a follower or admirer of Korea, this game would be another suitable option for you. The reward money is guaranteed to be won by those who provide delectable entrees and side dishes accompanied by lovely music. In addition, the game has additional elements that make spinning the reels of slot machines even simpler. Today, you may enjoy the pleasure on your mobile phone by applying for membership on the PG website or notifying the administration by LINE@; the process takes less than one minute and is easy and quick.

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